Find the Right Dosage - Will it Work For Me

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New to CBD?
Finding the right dosing is a common problem, even with practitioners. The Cannabis industry is just starting to get useful data and it takes time for us to figure what works best. The risk associated with CBD are extremely low, there has not been single case report of CBD overdose or addiction.
**Each person is different: Age, weight, height, lifestyle, immune system, body type etc. all play an important role on the effect of the dosage.
You Are Unique!
Finding you the right dosage might take some time. The dosage depends on your personal biochemistry (genetic makeup) and health challenges you might face, if any. We recommend starting slow and working your way up to find your “sweet spot”.
You may notice effects sooner with smaller amounts of CBD, the good old saying “less is more”.
When will I see results?
Give yourself 4-6 weeks to get into a consistent routine. For the benefits of CBD you must be consistent with your routine. We recommend you keep track to see if CBDlavita is working for you.
CBD Bio-availability
Definition: the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect.
Bio-availability is a very important factor to consider when you’re choosing the method of delivery for your CBD products. When ingesting something, like water, food, a supplement or some other material like CBD, it passes through your organs, such as you liver, before it reaches your intestines, this is where most of the abortion occurs. A percentage enters your blood stream and eventually goes through your Endocannabinoid system.
CBD is a strong substance with power healing benefits. However, the manner in which you consume CBD can largely determine how much impact it can have on your body.  
You want to make sure you are purchasing the highest quality of CBD (cannabidol) for your full results. CBD Lavita does not cut corners, like some other companies.
We believe in our mission to give back and help others.               
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