CBD 101

CBD Lavita                                     
Let’s face it many people are intrigued by the idea of CBD, curious to know... Does it help? Will it help? How does it help? Will I get some relief? Will I get a high? I was one of the many people curious, so I tried a topical rubbing cream. I have back issues like many, and I was surprise by my ability to move around, sit down and oh yeah.. and get back up without a lot of discomfort. My spouse uses the CBD oil drops for his daily routine to ignite his endocannabinoid system CBD1, CBD2. Helps him with some personal health issues. This started my journey on the new rage wanted to learn more and oh boy there is a lot of information out there. This led me to help others find some comfort and relief for their daily activity and to gain control of their life. 
                                  FEEL BETTER * LIVE BETTER... Be The Best You!